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I am facilitating, coaching, and mentoring leaders and organizations towards rapidly delivering high impact, high quality solutions in VUCA world to grow a healthy, collaborative, continuously improving leadership and company culture.

I try to be a catalyst for driving improvement in business impact, delivery performance, and team health, using a variety of techniques including science of happiness, change management, creativity & innovation practices, and coaching and mentoring. I am coaching teams and individuals facing challenges related to how they work together.

I am a self-starter and an innovator who thrives in an entrepreneurial environment; someone who enjoys collaborating and gets satisfaction from seeing how their contributions make an impact. As an engineering background coach, I am passionate about making a difference in my clients' lives with my skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, futurism, individualism and connecting the dots easier and quicker than others. I am able to implement strategic vision and deliver real results for others who seeks real change and improvement in their lives.

As a trusted strategical partner, I design and deliver innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. With 5 years’ experience, my creative solutions, out of the box thinking and intense customer focus is what helps me to stand out in the crowd.

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.


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